California, Cannabis, & Our Carbon Footprint

7 Points was founded in California’s Central Valley at the turn of cannabis legalization in 2018. With a combined 50+ years of experience across the cannabis and renewable energy field, we know what it takes to bring our customers the highest quality of flower as well as implement modern solutions to reduce our own carbon footprint along the way.

Giving Our Facility A Second Life

By taking use of a formerly used citrus packing facility in California’s Central Valley, we have infrastructure that will enable us to facilitate a full environmental control of how our cannabis is grown and maintained.

Supporting Our City Of Woodlake

With cannabis taxes paid to the city through Measure R we have helped the City of Woodlake complete a number of projects within the city. Including building new parks, paying for police vehicles and expanding the Woodlake parks and recreation program. Beyond this, we strive to hire and seek out local Woodlake talent to help grow and support 7 points.