frequently asked questions

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page:

Q: Do I need a medical recommendation to make a purchase?

A: No, we are a recreational cannabis delivery service and can accept orders with proof of valid federal issued ID 21 and over.

Q: Do I get a tax discount for having a medicinal use card?

A: It depends what type of card you have. The standard Third Party MMIC that is issued online allows for higher purchasing limits. CA regulates 1 oz of flower products and/or 8 grams of concentrate products per day. With a third party MMIC you are able to purchase up to 8 oz of Flower products and unlimited concentrates daily. If you take your third party MMIC card to your local health department and they issue you a MMIC card the state tax does not apply to any cannabis products you purchase.

Q: Do you deliver in my area?

A: Click the link at the top of our site to see.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept Cash and Standard debit cards. Debit works like an atm machine. It rounds the amount to the nearest $10 and you receive the difference back in cash. There is also a $3.25 fee applied when debit is used.

Q: How soon can I get a delivery?

A: We have three delivery windows to choose from each day(10-2,2-6,6-9). You can place your order up to two days in advance. We also offer one hour windows on our Express Menu for select zip codes.

Q: Do you have any first-time patient deals?

A: We offer all of our customers specials each week. You can locate these on our menu at 


are you over 21 years old?