frequently asked questions

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page:

Navigate to the “SHOP NOW” button, search or browse your favorite products, add to your cart, and complete the prompted checkout process.

7 Points has no delivery fees!

7 Points has standard 2 hour delivery windows in all locations. We also have lead times associated with each city which is determined from how far away the designated location is from our dispatch office.

Bakersfield: 1.5 Hours
Fresno/Madera: 1 Hour
Tulare County: 15 minutes

We service most areas between Madera and Bakersfield. Click the “SHOP NOW” button, enter your address, and you will see if your location falls within our delivery range. If not, you can call into the delivery dispatch office and our team can help you with a solution.

We accept cash and standard debit card payment as well as ACH. There is a $3.50 charge when using a debit reader and $2.95 fee with ACH.

No, we are a recreational cannabis delivery service and can accept orders with proof of valid federal issued ID 21 and over.


It depends on what type of card you have. The standard Third Party MMIC that is issued online allows for higher purchasing limits. CA regulates 1 oz of flower products and/or 8 grams of concentrate products per day. With a third party MMIC you are able to purchase up to 8 oz of Flower products and unlimited concentrates daily. If you take your third party MMIC card to your local health department and they issue you a MMIC card with the gold CA stamp, the state tax does not apply to any cannabis products you purchase.

While we don’t have unique deals for first time patients, we do offer rotating daily and weekly deals you can find at the top of the menu!


are you over 21 years old?